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Broadway Ergonomics has over 30 years of combined experience working with employers, and helping them prevent work related injuries.

Our Services

At Broadway Ergonomics all services are provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy..

Our Philosophy

Broadway Ergonomics is a physical therapist owned private consulting practice located in Missouri which specializes in licensed industrial therapy in Missouri and Kansas. Broadway Ergonomics is a unique therapy and consulting provider which focuses on early identification of injury risk, early management and high-level return to work scenarios. Our team consults nationwide, and we have satellite sites and partner groups from coast to coast serving our clients.

Our therapists are doctoral trained to the highest level and additionally hold private ergonomic certification and training. Our therapists are board-certified/doctoral trained that adhere to the most current evidence-based principles of medicine, prevention, and wellness. Together we have over 35 years of experience consulting in various industries and settings, all while striving to deliver the best care and consulting possible.

Our Experience In Physical Therapy Allows Us To Best Serve Our Clients With Their Ergonomic Needs.

“It has been a pleasure working with these guys. Got pain? Call them. They will get you together again and show you how to take care of yourself. I’m glad we have them here.”

Joyce H.

“Eric and Bret always come through to give us help and direction in dealing with the day to day pain we endure in our workplace.”

Rich F.

“Having Broadway Ergonomics here is a huge asset to your company. They are always looking for ways to help. I really like the shoe inserts and now my favorite is the Halogun massager.”

Tracy G.

A Handout For Home Office Ergonomics

Setting up your home workspace correctly is the first and most important step in preventing discomfort and remaining productive throughout the workday. The following are tips and ergonomic guidelines to assist you in setting up a comfortable workstation at home. We realize that every person is different. However, whatever your needs, you will benefit from following these simple guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is early intervention?

Early intervention is a program designed to help identify early aches and pains in the workforce before they develop into a diagnosed injury that can cost the employee and/or employer time and money to resolve. It has been found that the earlier an injury can be managed effectively; the associated costs will be much less along with reduced time away from work.

Can I come to see you for physical therapy?

Yes, as doctoral trained physical therapists we can provide formal physical therapy if prescribed by a physician. We have a clinic located in downtown Columbia, Missouri, but also provide onsite physical therapy.

Are you accepting new patients for physical therapy?

Our clinic is not open all day long as we are often onsite with companies, therefore we take patients by appointment only which must be approved by us prior to scheduling, but we are happy to talk and provide recommendations for your care before scheduling.

What goes into an office ergonomic assessment?

An office ergonomic assessment will include a visit to your workstation, often combined with an interview to understand and identify your pain. The assessment will include a written summary with pictures, recommendations for changes or modifications to your current setup. Optionally as well we can provide you with a custom office stretching program you may use to assist in managing your aches and pains.

Do you take insurance?

We currently are in-network for Medicare patients and Anthem BCBS patients. We can take out of network patients; however, you will likely be responsible for a high portion of the therapy bill.

Can I purchase office ergonomic equipment or chairs through Broadway Ergonomics?

Yes, we sell a variety of office equipment that we typically recommend for effective solutions. Regarding chairs, we custom order specific to the needs of our customers so they get a truly ergonomic chair that will meet their needs. The most common chair we recommend is a BioFit brand engineered product. We have had great success working with them, they are reliable and offer a great warranty.

What are the benefits to having a physical therapist onsite?

There are many benefits to having a PT onsite and available for employees. Including but not limited to, custom stretching programs, reasonable and sound health and wellness advice, appropriate referral for concerning signs and symptoms, effective and evidence-based rehabilitation, ergonomics and body mechanics training and awareness, and internal management of early aches and pains.

What are the TPI and FitTEST?

TPI is a Titleist Performance Institute program that uses a series of functional movement screens to help identify individual characteristics that may be limiting or hindering your golf swing. The assessment is designed to get you specific feedback and custom exercises and stretching to help maximize your swings potential. The FitTEST is also a custom experience focusing more on your body’s current characteristics, health and disease risk, exercise levels and physical ability. After a FitTEST, you get a roadmap for understanding your current disease risk and a custom exercise plan based on your test results.

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